We were lucky that the storm did not affect us that much, but the beloved tree on the lot was pulled out from its roots! The wooden table underneath it has been smashed flat, and is no longer able to seat anyone. Goodbye to our usual resting spot. It gave us shade in the height of the summer heat.

In terms of the farm itself, well, the row covers all blew away in the wind. They were ripped and carried away. ALL of them. We’re actually a bit worried because we are seeing signs of beetles biting at our seedlings. Not sure if it is Ringo, John, Paul or George.

Compared to others, we have not felt the worst of the storm.

Otherwise, it’s been a pleasant May. Bumped into many people that we haven’t seen for years in various places and all the people that we meet are very excited for the growing season ahead; both seasoned farmers and newer farmers.

We spoke to a farmer who was very excited to tell us that they have many different varieties of a particular crop.

Another set of farmers have really good looking Garlic.

Other’s we met are looking for markets, and other avenues to sell their product.

It has been nice visiting plots and meeting people when going out and hearing about the great things people are doing.

The Elder farmer that visits us is growing a set of beans/peas. We look forward to see them mature because we aren’t sure of the common name. The Elder refers to it by a name that we aren’t familiar with.

We wish you all well and look forward to seeing you again, whenever that may be!

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