About Us

We are an organic vegetable farm located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) providing produce through Community Service Agriculture (CSA), wholesale, at farmers markets, online deliveries, and pop up shops.  Our goal is to provide accessible and culturally relevant organic food to various communities in the GTA.  Currently, we focus on African-diasporic foods and foods from Indigenous nations in Canada.  The foods provided to clients are freshly harvested the day that they are delivered.

Alvis, the lead farmer at Deeper Roots Farm, has over 10 years of food growing experience, managing and running Urban Farms.  He runs a small scale intensive agricultural system, using non-conventional farming methods to provide local and organically grown food to the immediate community.

He is motivated to provide food to a diverse type of people including families who do not trust the modern farming industry,  those who would like transparency with where their local food comes from, health conscious individuals, those who would like to eat pesticide free foods and others more.